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Our Mechanics

The aim is to present to our customers a mechanical process that exceeds existing limits.

When we look at the flying model helicopter world, there is the scale flying, in Germany the very popular low RPM flying, the speeding and of course the difficult 3D flight.

All these flight styles have different requirements in their setup and their mechanics.

So why not develop a mechanism that encompasses everything: Scale,
Low RPM, speed and 3D.

You might say: "not possible"... we say: "yes, it is possible"...
prepare to be surprised!


Dino Cantara
CAD/CAM & Manufacturing

Our Rotor Heads

Our rotor head kits are available for the
500er / 600er / 700er / 800er-Series
In 3, 4 und 5 blade formats.

The rotor heads are available as

  • Basic Kit (without linkage)
  • Align/T-Rex Kit
  • Universal Kit
  • From the 600 series up as a kit with swashplate

For more details refer to the rotor heads section or our online shop