PSG-Dynamics Pro / 700 Scale

The idea...

Our concept goes an entirely new way, to fine tune the individual speeds of a helicopter mechanics. In the past, it was only possible to change the head speed by the ESC, the pinion, the Motor KV or the battery cells.

Certainly, at the first look this seems to be a simple and economic solution, but it also brings significant disadvantages ... the tail rotor speed decreases, the current Ampere can rise and the ESC unnecessarily operate at partial load.

In our mechanics fundamental changes of the main rotor speed are made in the second gear stage, and provide the distinct advantage of not affecting the rear speed.

By this you achieve speed differences on the main rotor head up to 1000 revolutions, without even losing one revolution at the tail rotor.

The milled herringbone gearing also prevents occurring axial forces. This protects the ball bearing, while enabling increased power compared to conventional helical gearing.

The modular concept is also prepared for customized versions of the mechanics.